Your Senses Need Flirting With

You’re about to be inundated and you don’t even know it.  You’re so lucky that we’re here to give you a heads up.  Cati Jean is a name you’ll likely be very familiar with by the year’s end and for good reason.  Her French cabaret, L’effleur des Sens (meaning “flirting with the senses”), has slowly infiltrated the minds of anyone daring enough to head to the King King club in Hollywood.  Her choreography and her penchant for “flirting with the senses” are creeping up all over the place now and you’ll likely not be able to escape it – not that you’d want to. 

Now in it’s fourth season performing at the King King club, L’effleur des Sens is a group of classically trained, gorgeous dancers headed by Cati Jean.  They perform a number short vignettes that pack quite a punch inspired by Bob Fosse’s style and the tease of Parisian cabaret acts.

Jean, originally from Grasse in the South of France, came to the US to learn more about American dance.  She’s quickly become a fixture of dance in this country, with appearances on shows like “Step It Up and Dance,” the creation of L’effleur des Sens, and having provided choreography for an array of recent and upcoming TV shows and movies.  Her show at the King King encapsulates her goal of merging French style with American dance.  It mixes comedy and sensuality with the beautiful technique of classically trained dancers. 

Last week, I got a chance to check out the King King club and chat with the ladies and gentlemen (the lucky few) behind the scenes of L’effleur des Sens. All dolled up, I headed to Hollywood Blvd just east of Highland.  Nervously, I spotted the King King, which looks from the front like a shop of some sinister sort.  Once you park behind the club and show the menacing (but sweet) Russian your ID, however, you’re transported into a place that makes you forget you’re steps away from tourists snapping photos of Grauman’s Chinese.  You instantly feel like you just hopped over the pond and found yourself in a speakeasy in Paris.  When your emcee enters the stage with an accent that defiantly refuses to acknowledge he lives in America, you’re ready for anything.  Well, you need to be.  The show is a dazzling hour and fifteen minutes that ends too quickly and has only intermittent pauses during which the emcee comes out to chat with (or more often embarrass) the audience.  It’s all in good fun!  Check out our video interview! (It includes some footage of the show.  Just a taste for your senses, though.) 


L’effleur des Sens performs every other Thursday night at 9pm at the King King club in Hollywood.  For more information, please call (323) 960-5765 or click here. 

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