There’s Been A Change In Schedule…

Every year, true Los Angelenos, both natives and transplants, mentally mark key cultural events way before they are formally announced.  The Los Angeles Art Show and Art LA have already come and gone in January.  The LA Times’ Festival of Books is quickly approaching at the end of April for all those bibliophiles. We are even preparing our picnic baskets (and bottles of wine) for the opening of the Hollywood Bowl’s summer season.  But to make sure you, my fellow Angeleno, don’t miss out on something relatively new on the calendar, make sure to pencil the Los Angeles Art Weekend into your schedule come April 2 – 5.  That is, if you haven’t already.

Coming in for its second round, the Los Angeles Art Weekend is a four-day event highlighting the city’s foremost cultural events and creative talents.  Looking through its itinerary, maybe you can understand why Fine Arts LA is formally in love.  Some highlights include our beloved designer Valentino swinging by Taschen for a book signing, Edgar Arceneaux lecturing at Otis on the Watts House Project, and at the Getty Center, Kehinde Wiley sitting down to discuss his work.  That’s just on Thursday!

Summoning art institutions large and small, Los Angeles Art Weekend is produced and presented by ForYourArt, the same people who serve up the best in the art world with weekly emails and cheat sheet maps, and BlackFrame, a creative hub and production agency. It all began as a pilot program developed by Brian Phillips of BlackFrame for visiting journalists to survey the entire Los Angeles arts scene in one weekend.  And although it seemed impossible, the Los Angeles Art Weekend provides even the passerby a taste of what makes up this city’s sabor besides taco trucks and freeway car chases.

The vast amount of production that goes into this event is humbling.  As we hear of budgets being trimmed all the way down the line, an overarching theme of strength in numbers keeps many cultural institutions afloat.  Los Angeles Art Weekend creates a much-needed sense of camaraderie between organizations to draw patrons out.  As every person searches for ways to tighten his or her belt, we must venture to those places that make up this cultural scene now to simply enjoy them or else…they might not be there later. And we can’t have that, right?

As many of our kindred spirits at SXSW attempted to navigate through a similar cultural blast, we too must make choices as the weekend countdown begins.  It all starts with deciding where we want to go and knowing where we need to be.

-By Danyel Madrid

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