The Fool’s Journey

FoolDuring stressful weeks, it is always recommended that you check in with your nearest and dearest psychic(s) at least once if not twice.  You’ll never know how to handle your many doting suitors, luxurious travel plans, and multi-million business deals without a little help from your friends.

But, if stepping into darkened, incense infused rooms isn’t exactly your cup of tea, get a healthy dose of insight and art the next time you are in the Miracle Mile.  The Craft and Folk Art Museum just opened The Fool’s Journey: The History and Symbolism of the Tarot, an exhibition that draws together the imagery, history, and iconography of tarot cards over time.  This show will highlight the 22 cards of the Tarot’s major Arcana – from the Fool to the World — and will present historic and modern examples from stylistically different decks.  Also, plan to see how tarot cards have influenced the imagery of other works of art.

See?  Isn’t it already making better sense now?  At least you have part of your weekend plans squared away.

The Fool’s Journey: The History and Symbolism of the Tarot will close at the Craft and Folk Art Museum May 9th.  Please click here for more info.

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