The Art Of The Fight

Have you ever wondered what a fight for equal rights looks like through our contemporary artistic minds?  Forget what it looks like when Anderson Cooper discusses the issue and interviews the experts on CNN.  Nevermind what it looks like when thousands of angry protesters come together on the street waving signs telling passing cars to honk if they agree with the cause.  What does the fight for an equal rights issue look like through a painter’s eyes, a photographers eyes, and what does it sound like when a DJ spins a soundtrack to it all?

If you’ve recently wondered just what a group of the most talented and relevant artists in our time think when it comes to the issue of equal marriage rights, now is the time to make your way to 1341 Vine St. in Hollywood – The Manifest Equality Gallery.  To be frank, the collection of artwork is not an abstract, nor a complex look at the issue so much as it is a blunt and to-the-point reflection of what’s wrong with the fact that equal marriage rights are still not availed to any and all that want them.  Artists represented in the big, warehouse-like group show, set up in the former Big Lots! space include Shepard Fairey, Gary Baseman, Robbie Conal, and Bary McGee.  Their work is an amalgam of mediums, focal points, and aesthetic styles that all fit under the umbrella issue of once and for all supporting equal marriage rights for gay couples.

A DJ spins accompanying tunes during the day as locals, tourists, and curious passersby wander through the space taking a look at pieces of art and memorabilia that speaks to this no longer just grassroots movement.  The gallery will be open through this Sunday, March 7 at 10pm and it’s really worth shifting some plans around to make even a quick run through of the space.

The Manifest Equality Gallery is located at 1341 Vine St in Hollywood and will be open through March 7 at 10pm.  It’s open from 10am – 10pm through then – Hollywood, here you come! Click here for more information.

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