Slang This! Psychicinema Multiplex

The word “slanguage” has been hitting the airwaves (and internet waves) the past few weeks with increasing frequency.  You think, what is this portmanteau?  What is a portmanteau?  Tell me more!

Developed in the heart of Wilmington, the harbor area of Los Angeles, Slanguage is an artist-run collective with its roots deep in the city and its fingers combing though contemporary art and social histories.  All of its members, such as yours truly, have their own ever-changing definition of the word “slanguage” so it is difficult to give a precise Webster’s definition.

We do know Slanguage as an organization relies on organic development and the reflection of the popular and hidden culture, much like any spoken language.  And, physical manifestations of Slanguage’s past work includes performance, video, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and educational workshops both locally and internationally. But also, we must also understand that Slanguage looks to this idea of Cityspeak, the mishmash street language of Japanese, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Chinese, and French that Edward James Olmos speaks in Bladerunner, in its practice.  It is an exploratory, but ever growing approach to art-making!

But you can come take a closer look yourself into the lexicon of Slanguage this Thursday.  Slanguage has been invited by MOCA to participate in a performance-based residency called Engagement Party.  For its first incarnation, Slanguage will bring a homegrown approach to film screening to another level in Psychicinema Multiplex. Psychicinema took its name because Slanguage originally screened movies in the backyard of an old psychic house for one and all.  Come Thursday, Psychicinema will turn Psychicinema Multiplex as Slanguage continues the dialogue of MOCA’s monumental 1992 exhibition Helter Skelter: L.A. Art in the 1990s.  The film Helter Skelter and other movies will be shown as well as DJs; fortune tellers; an interactive photobooth, Artifice Orange, by Slanguage member Arnold Vargas; and a participatory urban planning exercise, Slang-topia: Rethinking the City, by artist and urban planner will help you figure out how to speak this language.

You don’t need to know what “slanguage” means, but you will definitely find your own Slanguage along the way.

Slanguage’s Psychicinema Multiplex is this Thursday 7 – 10pm at MOCA.  Don’t worry, it is free! Click here for more details.

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