Save and Misbehave: Lights on L.A.

Every year in every city, starting around Halloween, lights become a free and instant mood-enhancer catching your eye everywhere you look.  Between New Years Eve and Halloween, however, all the dazzling lights are taken down and put away.  To tide you over until October is Lights on LA – an event on display now through September 15 in Pershing Square in Downtown LA… for free! 

An event that celebrates LA-based artists was organized by Tarryn Teresa Gallery and features a creative scene of individually decorated light bulbs strung up in a temporary exhibit.  It was coordinated to enhance the area’s free summer concert series and each evening, as the street lamps are turned on, the light bulbs start to dazzle.  Finally, a romantic, interesting, lit path to walk on after one a Pershing Square summer concert or after a romantic, interesting, dazzling dinner nearby.  Think of all the possibilities! Head downtown, choose your favorite, and send us a photo of it – we’d especially love photos of you with your favorite light bulb. 

Lights on LA ends September 18, 2009 and coincides with Pershing Square’s summer concert series (also free).  For more information, please call (213) 627-5100.

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