Save and Misbehave: Dear Lemon Lima at the Montalban

We made mention a while back about the strange, but cool new Montalban Theatre.  Excuse us, it’s called the Nike Sportswear at the Montalban.  Once you get past the odd combination of sportswear retail space cum performing arts stage, you’ll want to head over on Tuesday night for their Cinema Tuesday screenings.  This week, Dear Lemon Lima is on view giving us a look at “an awkward Alaskan teen as she discovers her Yupik heritage.”  It’s basically a coming of age tale Alaska-style.  An LA Film Festival award winner, Dear Lemon Lima seems like one of those sweet, truthful movies that you end up seeing at the Montalban (cause it’s free) and that you end up loving and telling everyone about.  So be sure to call us on Wednesday and tell us everything! 

Dear Lemon Lima is screening tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 28) at 7pm at the Nike Sportswear at the Montalban.  It’s free, but you mustRSVP.  You’ll also get a chance to nibble on Big Sugar Bakeshop’s cupcakes and ask the director and cast some questions afterward.  For more information,click hereor call (323) 483-0089.

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