Patti Smith In The Flesh

I remember being a young, non-Angeleno blogger in a time of yore when blogging was left for Weezer-listening emo kids writing in their Livejournals, just like — embarrassingly enough — myself.  It was once upon a time in a far off land named Las Vegas where the pre-Killers music scene and blogging were intertwined so that an extensive community of online journalists were all a-twitter (not a-Twitter) about shows the day afterward.

It was during this special time that I discovered Patti Smith in full-force via mix tape…ahhh, mix tapes.  And my world was turned upside down.  I thought I knew rawness and grit, as well as poetic justice.  But until I heard Smith’s Horses, I was merely a lamb in the dark.  Upon listening to her, I was scared, but I kind of liked it  — I had seen the light. Smith, from that point on, became an artist for whom I always saw crucial in my musical and poetic education/development for better or for worse. She’s Patti Smith.

This Saturday, August 1, Patti Smith will perform at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.  Most of you will revisit Patti Smith and her legend, but perhaps there is a little naïve music lover waiting to be rocked.  Remember to mark this day in your calendar, that is, if you can get your hands on a ticket.  If you are one of the unlucky ones, Ms. Smith will also be performing with her band September 3 part of the Santa Monica Pier Twilight series.

To make a reservation for her SMMoA performance, please contact KCET Special Events at 323.953.5801 or

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