Only at REDCAT

As you sneak around the grandiose Walt Disney Conert Hall to find the hidden door to REDCAT, you almost feel like you know something that concertgoers heading in to hear Brahms don’t.  When you slip into the space, that you secretly consider an artistic speakeasy, what you’re hoping to hear is something that will get conversations flowing and inspire you in an esoteric way that only a contemporary artist can – no offense, Beethoven. 

Ana Cervantes is the perfect candidate to perform at REDCAT.  A Mexican-American mix, Cervantes plays piano with the same gusto and fervor that the forthcoming Gustavo Dudamel puts toward conducting – perhaps it’s a Latin thing.  She has performed works by Mexican composers throughout the US and Cuba and can be seen at REDCAT on Wednesday evening at 8:30pm performing her Rumor de Paramo.  Rumor is a solo concert featuring seventeen pieces inspired by Juan Rulfo who, in 1955, changed the face of Latin American literature with his Pedro Paramo. 

With composers that run the gamut from Englishman Paul Barker to Spain’s Tomas Marco, the concert will be as eccentric as you’d hope without going too far.  Rulfo’s story alone is a magical-realist look at tragic social and family histories; your narrators are ghosts.  This is the kind of concert that will have you saying things like “I always head to REDCAT for the best new music,” or “there are so few places in LA that will support this kind of fresh experimentation,” or “that’s so REDCAT.”  See you Wednesday, connoisseur. 

Ana Cervantes will perform her Rumor de Paramo at REDCAT on Wednesday, September 30 at 8:30pm.  For more information, please call (213) 237-2800 or click here. 

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