Let’s Facebook the Music and Dance

FineArtsLA.com has found another way to help build a community of younger and hipper music and arts fans in Los Angeles through the acquisition of a Facebook account. For those interested in keeping up with the latest Forty Unders concert and ballet giveaways and beating the rush for free tickets, there is a new weapon for your hyperactive media arsenal.

In addition to being our BFF, by joining us on Facebook you’ll have the chance to view a mini-version of our site with smaller text and the occasional “subscriber-only” bonus material: lengthier descriptions of Forty Unders events, fancy images, trolls, and the dubious pleasure of watching us fight spammers in an effete manner. You’ll also find yourself on the same friends listing with some great music ensembles and some of the music world’s sung and unsung talents.

Now we’re well aware that great numbers of our readers may not be inclined to align themselves with anything requiring a password (our forum, for example). Rest assured: All of the main content is still only available here.

To connect with us via Facebook, go to: http://www.facebook.com/people/Fine_Arts_LAcom/1197714618 and meet your peers.

No word yet on when we’re moving to Silver Lake.

Sam Mendizabal

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