For art auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, the price of a piece of art directly correlates with the value of the artist’s name. In the heat of the auction, the price steadily rises for those feuding “got-to-have-everything” types… You know who you are.

But for Santa Monica Museum of Art’s annual exhibition and benefit art sale, Incognito, it’s a little different.  You only have a group of unlabeled artworks in front of you and a list of potential artists at hand.  Incognito.  The concept is simple.  The artist’s name isn’t revealed until the work is purchased.  And each piece of art is $300 a pop, so you don’t have to engage in a bidding war with your neighbor and watch the price inflate.

That might be a little more than what you want to spend, but the price isn’t too bad for an 8″ x 10″ by one of the 480 emerging, mid, and late career artists.  In fact, by using only your honed artistic instincts, you could walk away with a deal!  There is a catch though.  The entrance tickets come with a price tag, but if you are in the mood for a charitable purchase and a night out, you can always justify it by remembering all the proceeds go right back to the museum.  And if you do end up buying, keep in mind that the work you purchase may end up being worth well more than $300. Consider it an investment.

For ticket information, please call:  310.586.6488.

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