From 3D to 2D

Those familiar with the non-Indiana Jones side of archaeology feel at home poring over geographical and architectural maps.  Getting a good feel of the land surrounding a site as well as plotting the fragments of ancient buildings on paper are key to preparing your findings for publication – fingers crossed!

It takes skill to envision lines, dots, and dashes on a two-dimensional map as a living and breathing structure.  But these kind of works and more fleshed out architectural drawings allow people to gather data about civilizations past as well as contemporary architecture.  For every commercial and residential structure, there are thousands of pieces of draft paper scribbled upon and meticulously drawn in the various stages of building.  These papers give insight into the thought process of an architect at work.

For those who need a little light to hone that skill, the Edward Cella Art + Architecture gallery is currently showing Drawings and Objects by Architects, a drawing-based exhibition that highlights the original drawings of buildings and architectural details by Frank Gehry, Richard Neutra, Lebbeus Woods, Frank Lloyd Wright, and many others.  Included in this show are buildings of two of the most famous skyscrapers – the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center.  Mostly filled with black and white drawings, colorful splashes brighten up the exhibition space as you walk, wonder, and see this other side of architecture that is usually stuck in a sketchpad somewhere.

 Drawings and Objects by Architects closes October 10th at Edward Cella Art + Architecture.

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