Freddi Cerasoli On What You Need To Know About Art

Like anything worthwhile, finding art that you love and really respond to takes time.  It also means not only loving those pieces you keep going back to see at LACMA – to fill your home with beautiful pieces is an exploration.  Some collectors are avid watchers of the emerging artist market, others will employ an art adviser to scour the scene for them,  and still others may fall prey to the trendiest artist of the moment, hoping the piece they bought will go up in value over time. 

Freddi Cerasoli, owner of Cerasoli Gallery in Culver City, knows all about putting on display just what you love.  She recently opened her doors to the Fine Arts LA team and chatted to us about how she became involved with art, how exciting LAs art scene is now, and how grateful she is for this new, vibrant scene in Culver City – she was getting pretty bored of all the same old restaurants!  After opening her gallery six years ago and watching the Culver City art scene grow around her, Freddi has really developed a style and reputation for showing not only emerging artists, but emerging styles of art. 

The Cerasoli Gallery is currently showing Meggs, an Australian graffiti and graphic design based artist alongside Pure Evil and a host of others.  Opening August 22 is an exhibit of Roy Nachum’s work, which will take over the entire space.  Check out our video interview here and then plug the address into your GPS, you’re going to want to see what she’s got up her sleeve!

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