Fly India With Carlos Ramos

There are some adults that harbor a very thorough Disney movie collection with no shame and out in the open for all to see.  They still cry in Bambi, applaud Mulan, and fantasize about being whisked away on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin.  Others are a little more subtle about their love of animated creatures and tend to look for the Disney satisfaction in other arenas – thank God for Wall-E and Up or we’d be fuzzy-animal starved!

Carlos Ramos may be our latest artistic (and adult-proof) source of colorful, rich, animated satisfaction. His new show India at Corey Helford Gallery is full of bright, wild paintings of characters and creatures any Disney-phile would appreciate.  It’s almost as if you can close your eyes and imagine the flamboyant voice-overs.  There are some paintings with a blue, meaningful tone and others with a red, adventurous theme that together allow you to create your own narrative.  He sets the stage with paintings like Shahjahanabad and introduces characters like the wily temptress in Raqs Baladi or the King atop his elephant in The Coronation of Edward VII.

The show ends September 2 though, so I’d head to Culver City pretty soon.  You may want to scope out a Blockbuster (for your Aladdin fix), an Indian restaurant nearby (to satiate your taste and aural senses), and a jewelry shop to pick up some bangles or even a bindi – you can keep them with your top secret Disney collection.

Carlos Ramos’ India is at Corey Helford Gallery and closes September 2, 2009.  For more information, please call (310) 287-2340 or click here.

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