Discovering Love and Freedom at REDCAT

Let’s make something clear.  We’re not being paid by REDCAT, we don’t work for them, and they’re definitely not offering us anything sinister.  It’s not our fault that their lineup this week (and for the next few) has been something close to irresistible.

Having gotten that out of the way, tonight is the final night that you can see Belarus Free Theatre’s Discover Love at the downtown performance spot.  The company, which is banned at home, created the dramatic performance based on the true story of Irina Krasovskaya and her husband Anatoly who went missing a decade ago.  In a place where only state run theatres are allowed to exist, Belarus Free Theatre and its political, violent Discover Love are silenced before they open their mouths.

Irina and Anatoly’s story is one that we see only in films, with Anatoly, a democratic-supporter, businessman, and associate of one of Belarus’ government’s political rivals, kidnapped and subsequently murdered. The story is tragic and especially moving considering how far Belarus Free Theatre’s message has reached.  Discover Love premiered in the Netherlands and has been performed in Washington, Italy, and is now coming to LA.  Okay, specifically to REDCAT, which is a place all its own.

Belarus Free Theatre’s Discover Love closes this evening at 8:30pm at REDCAT.  For more information, please call or click here.

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