Cole Sternberg Tells Us What He Knows…

Who knows what goes on within an artist’s mind? Well now we’re getting closer to knowing… Cole Sternberg, a quickly emerging local artist, has given us some valuable insights. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of suffering heat stroke, er… touring Sternberg’s (hot) Downtown studio in which he’s preparing for an upcoming show at the American University Museum and for a month-long residency with e105 Gallery and Art Lab 21 in Germany in August.  With a recent show at Kinsey/Desforges in Culver City under his belt, we were very excited to see what he’s got coming up and here we’re giving you a sneak peek at the man and his work. 

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Sternberg has lived in LA for five years, which almost makes him able to say he’s “from” here.  Working with oils, watercolors, and spray paint, his works have an organized chaos to them that’s actually quite appealing.  Once a lawyer, Sternberg uses many topical issues as his inspiration for his upcoming museum show and he’s also influenced by such variant art icons as Claude Monet and Cy Twombly.  From issues with the U.N. to a look at how Twitter helped shape the voting conflict in Iran, Sternberg’s pieces explore some rather dark places in a comprehensive, creative manner.   Needless to say, he’s one to watch (and we don’t just mean in our video interview)!

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