Cause + Effect

I know most of you shy away from the cold, hard world of science, but unfortunately, there are some scientific laws you just can’t escape.  Einstein and Newton had a few up their sleeves.  Throw in quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and chemistry, and you’re not speaking my language anymore.  But nevertheless, you have experienced cause and effect in full force.  For every action, there is a reaction (i.e. for every glass of wine you drink, there will be stronger consequences later in the evening — usually drunk dialing, texting, emailing, and/or facebooking).  Cause and effect is a nasty fact, but imagine learning about this law of science in a venue that is much more comfortable for you art lovers: the gallery.

In the form of a group exhibition, LM Projects explores the theme of cause and effect by gathering the work of six artists — Nova Jiang, Len Lye, Robert Rauschenberg, Jacob Tonski, and Peter Fischli & David Weiss – that have the commonality of mechanical, temporal, and movement-based components.  Cause and Effect provides a nice change from the usual work-on-the-wall shows you are used to, as it is mostly comprised of video-based performances and kinetic sculpture from the mid-1960s to the present.

After seeing this exhibition, heed warning and don’t bee a victim of cause and effect this Halloween.  Please ask your best friend to hide your iPhone before you head out.

Cause and Effect closes at LM Projects November 14th.  For more information about this exhibition, please click here.

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