Calling All Dames and Jobbies

For those in need of a break from sunny spring days and blue skies, the American Cinematheque presents its 11th annual film noir festival “Deadline: Noir City” from April 2-19 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

It isn’t surprising that Tinsel Town is the birthplace of film noir.  Film noir (literally, “black film” in French) evolved out of American hard-boiled detective novels and the cinematic influence of German Expressionism.  For every Hollywood fairytale produced during the 40s and 50s — a time when the puritanical, anti-communist Hays Production Code was strictly enforced — there was a film noir doppelganger, a fever dream full of danger, despair, and depravity.

The American Cinematheque’s film noir line-up includes several rare gems which have yet to make it to DVD, as well as cleverly paired double-features and director’s nights for Anthony Mann and Fritz Lang.  The Jane Greer double-feature is especially top notch in every respect.  Greer’s mere presence elevates any film she is in, but her lovely looks are used to full effect in making suckers out of Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas in the noir masterpiece Out of the Past.

All you femme fatales and tough guys better get wise.

-By Peter Lee

 The Egyptian Theare will be presenting “Deadline: Noir City” from April 2 – 19.

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