A New Side of Streep

There are a few Meryl Streep movies that you’ve seen enough times to be able to quote her off-book.  Out of Africa, Adaptation, The Devil Wears Prada… All contain monologues and mannerisms seared into your memory, or perhaps your repertoire.  Even the sound of her singing “Mamma Mia!” is ingrained in there somewhere.  Turns out, you’re not alone.

A group of men at Bang Comedy Theatre have come together to present curious, Meryl-loving audiences with “Streep Tease,” a collection of monologues once delivered by Ms. Streep.  Delivered now by Sam Pancake (of Arrested Development), Taylor Negron, Roy Cruz, Steve Hasley, Eddie Sanchez, and more, the monologues will be a little more difficult to place.  Each actor chose his own monologue to perform, so you can be sure they’re not leaving anything out.  With selections from Bridges of Madison County to Postcards from the Edge, you will literally journey through dramas and comedies, you’ll hear feigned Danish accents and lectures on the color cerulean, and most of all, you’ll see a whole new side of Streep you never knew existed.  That’s what she’s known for though, always surprising us with her vast acting range.

Bang Comedy Theatre’s “Streep Tease” performs the following Saturdays: October 3 at 8pm, October 10 at 8pm, and November 14 at 9:30pm.  For more information, please click here or call (323) 653-6886.

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