A New Reason to Love Downtown LA

The Grammy Museum, although it may conjure images of Britney Spears and J.Lo, presents a history of music that is not just a glorified look at pop music over the last fifty years.  The museum does showcase Spears, Tina Turner’s legs, and Madonna’s small suitcase of Grammy achievements, but only to complement the detailed overview of music in society, the technological advancements of recorded sound, the history of musical genres, and of course a history of the Grammys.  Located on the L.A. Live campus, the museum will attempt to create a popular hub of music and culture in downtown LA.

Opening to the public on December 6th, the multi-level, interactive museum features a 200-seat theater, called the Grammy Sound Stage, and small “studio” spaces that explain the processes of mixing, tracking, remixing, singing on a track, mastering and creating beats.  The space’s dedication to multimedia is incredible as it allows guests to discover the history of music through many different lenses.  You can explore musical genres on touch-screen tables while listening to iconic songs and reading about any given genre’s history.  On one wall, you can discover music geographically on the interactive map of the United States or you can learn about music through the ages on another wall organized by decades.

The museum will open with an exhibit entitled Songs of Conscience, Sounds of Freedom. It covers the intertwined history of music and politics in the United States, starting with the significance of Yankee Doodle in 1775.  The capstone of the entire experience is the finale—a 17-minute film that takes you behind the scenes at the Grammys.  It chronicles the meetings, stage production and rehearsals.  It focuses on Beyonce and Tina Turner’s performance at this year’s Grammys.  The video succeeds in making its viewers feel like insiders.  Its success is largely helped by the museum’s location; as you leave the museum you immediately see the Staples Center, which is where all that magic actually happened.

The museum’s first major event will be on January 15th and will feature a performance by Brian Wilson followed by a question and answer session.  Of all the fascinating, interactive and educational rooms, videos, touch-screen tables and maps, the museum stays true to its mission—not its name.  The history and memorabilia they present is not exclusive to Grammy winners.  On the contrary, it is a sweeping and engaging look through the history of what we love and are most curious about in music.


Museum opens December 6, 2008

More Information: www.grammymuseum.org

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