A Cinematic Christmas

So you’ve pulled your trusty Christmas DVD collection from its dusty nook on your shelf to start getting in the Christmas mood…finally!  You’ve watched Home Alone once, Christmas Vacation twice, Scrooged three times, and Love Actually four times… It’s the film version of the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”  Now it’s time to watch The Santa Clause fiiive tiiimes!  No, wait, I wouldn’t want to wish that upon anyone.

Before you get around to having too much Tim Allen gracing your LCD, pay a visit to the Cinefamily for some crooked Christmas cinema that does not involve sugar plum fairies dancing anywhere.

On Christmas Day night, they will be screening Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, a screwy saga about two men from Mars with notions of our Yuletide customs and orders to kidnap Ol’ St. Nick so that their alien children can also enjoy presents!  We can’t blame ‘em either.  And also thrown in the pile of presents are some filmatic treasures including a specially made Christmas video mix from Everything Is Terrible amidst verité footage of department store Santas, misguided movie tie-ins, exhumed cartoons, and aborted holiday specials.

Some cinefiles would say it is better than five golden riiings…

Mondo Christmas (feat. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians) screens this Friday, Christmas Day at 8:00.  For more information, please click here.

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